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Lao Cai: Developing unique tourism products.

In 2013, Department of Lao Cai tourism is continuing to promote and focus on exploitation and development of unique tourism products with high quality of locals. Enhancing the service quality to fulfill the goal of 1,1 million passengers and reaching the revenue of tourism of 2,000 billion are also the target of this department in 2013.

According to the Lao Cai department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the total number of tourists coming to Lao Cai in 2012 is 0.22% lower than that of 2011, with about 95 thousand estimated visitors. However, the revenue of Lao Cai tourism has reached more than 1,844 billion, increase 35.8% compared to that of 2011, the average length of visitors stay has increased from 1.5 to 2 percent over the previous year. In which, international income has raised up to 22.6 percent and domestic one is 48.7percent higher than that of last year.

Due to the efforts on actively opening tours which connect locals of North West and NorthEast-West areas such as village tours and new routes of Lao Cai – Muong Khuong, Lao Cai – Bat Xat, and Lao Cai – Si Ma Cai – Bac Ha – Bao Yen, tourists spend more time in Lao Cai than before.

In addition, the quality of tour and route services is also significantly improved with varied souvenir items for shopping, and the enhancement of the introduction to landscape beauty, high land ethnic identity is intensified to retain visitors.

Lượng khách đến tham quan một số địa phương và điểm du lịch trọng điểm của tỉnh khá ổn định, trong đó, Sa Pa đón hơn 60 vạn lượt khách, Bắc Hà đón gần 13 vạn lượt khách, Bát Xát đón trên 5.000 lượt khách, Bảo Yên đón 70.000 lượt khách./.

The number of tourists visiting locals and tourist destinations in Lao Cai is relatively stable, in which more than 60 thousand visitors come to Sa Pa, nearly 13 thousand ones come to Bac Ha, and that of Bat Xat and Bao Yen are more than 5 thousand and 70 thousand respectfully.

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