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Closely managing on tourism business in Ha Long Bay.

From the first day of 2013, every organizations and private enterprises in Ha Long Bay as well as in Quang Ninh province must follow the regulations on management of provincial tourism environmental businesses or either be deprived of business licenses or suspended operation.

This is the most important content of the provisional regulations on provincial management of tourism environmental business issued by the People's Committee of Quang Ninh Province.

Accordingly, it is prohibited to peddle, invite with insistence, polish outside the allowed areas, begging and forbidden to raise prices arbitrarily and force customers to buy goods and services with higher prices than declaration, registration and listing.

Tourism transport organizations and private enterprises in Ha Long Bay when taking tours must follow the itineraries, routes, and destination in the leaving port permission.

In addition, it must have written contracts when renting boats or giving form of prescribed ticket prices. On the other hand, the price list must be declared clearly on every cruise and boat, and no other transportations of purchasing goods or service are allowed but in case of emergency and rescue.

Every individual or organization that violates this regulation may be subjected to penalty of five to ten day non-trading or business service even suspense even business license deprivation.

The peddling, insistence of invitation and begging in Ha Long Bay will be processed by regulation such as facilities and goods seizure or quarantine and sending beggars to social protection centers.

To the management of this heritage – natural wonder, a resolution on intensifying of management, conservation and promoting the values of Ha Long in the period of 2013 – 2015 with a vision to 2020 was adopted by People’s Committee of Quang Ninh Province. In which structures and policies must be completed and several specific objectives based on implementing conservation and promoting the values of this world's natural heritage with persistent protection of heritage natural resources was issued.

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